Terms Of Use
Please review these terms carefully. By using the FRONTOFHOUSESTAFF.COM AKA FOHSTAFF.COM web site (the
site), you (a) are agreeing to be legally bound by the following TERMS OF USE (TOU)
and (b) agree to all policies and procedures that govern its use. The FOHSTAFF.COM terms of use may be updated or changed at any time without notice.
Terms of use between the prospective member venue and HOTspitality Enterprises LLC the parent
company of FOHSTAFF.COM

1.The venue agrees to use FOHSTAFF.COM to post job openings, to search our applicant
database, or to utilize FOHSTAFF.COM staff to assist in the staffing selection process.
FOHSTAFF.COM agrees to contact its database via email blasts on behalf of the venue
posting a job, holding an open call, etc.

2.Users are to be contacted ONLY in connection with the hiring process and ONLY for
the jobs being offered by the posting venue. Any violation of this will result in
immediate termination of your account.

3.Venues agree to keep FOHSTAFF.COM current when contact information changes
within the organization, (i.e. The manager is replaced by a new individual with a new
email address)

4.You agree to notify FOHSTAFF.COM of any new hires from our database so we may use for marketing/promotional purposes .

5.You grant FOHSTAFF.COM the right to list your venue as a member as well as use
your logo on the site as needed for promotional purposes.

Your account activation constitutes a full agreement of these terms.The length of service
runs until either party terminates the agreement in writing.